Education, Knowledge and Empowerment The school’s slogan establishes 

the standards for Milestonians, 

teaching kids how to be resilient and develop the ability to deal 

with life’s inevitable challenges—to essential qualities for success. If a school community is based 

on respect and responsibility for both themselves and the 

community at large, it will 

succeed. These form the basis for 

creating and maintaining a 

positive learning environment

Our Aim :

*To provide knowledge that will enable children to become

 imaginative, sympathetic, and

 innovative adults.

*To provide the youngster a 

sense of self-worth and social 

and environmental responsibility. to reach high academic 

standards of brilliance. 

    *To provide opportunity for each child to discover his uniqueness and to develop his skills. *To foster a culture of 

deliberate effort so that kids can learn to be proud of their

 accomplishments. *To educate young people about the state of society today and motivate them to contribute to the necessary change. 

To advance the history and culture of India. To encourage respect for

 various faiths.